Research project on Plagiarism Reference Tariff


Following the launch of the Plagiarism Reference Tariff (.pdf) at the 4th International Conference on Plagiarism, June 2010,  I suggested to colleagues that we might use the tariff as the basis for an interesting research project.

The aim of the project is to apply the tariff (which works on a points based system) to past cases of plagiarism dealt with over the last academic year in a variety of institutions in the UK and internationally. The project should elicit some interesting comparative data on penalties, but will also enable to produce a second draft of the tariff based on our experiences of using the tariff and any variation in outcome between those penalties actually awarded by institutions and those potentially available under the tariff. 

A range of participants at the conference got in touch to say that they were interested in the project, but if any other institutions would like to be involved, please get in touch with me. the project will be conducted through online meetings between now and Christmas.


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