About me

I am Dr Jo Badge, Computing subject leader and Upper Keystage 2 Assistant Headteacher at a Leicester Primary school (my PhD was all about finding similarities between different plant viruses). I finished my PGCE course at Leicester University in 2012.

I became a CAS Master Teacher in 2015 and run the North Leicester Primary CAS hub.  I am an active participant at CampEd and regularly join other teachers in a local East Midlands twitter cake-eating group.

The Department of Education were kind enough to film me talking about teaching computinglego WeDo fan

I am a Google Certified Innovator (London, 2012).

Previously I was the Web resources development officer for School of Biological Sciences, University of Leicester (2004 – 2011). Where I provided support for learning technologies for staff and students. I worked on electronic voting systems, plagiarism and it’s detection by electronic means and using web 2 tools and social media with Dr Alan Cann.

I have also been an Open University Associate Lecturer for S154 Science Starts Here!  and S104 exploring science.

Published peer review papers, articles, book chapters and conference papers (citeulike)

follow me @jobadge twitter and I also blog on staffrm

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 Jo Badge

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