Why don’t I blog here?

Keith http://twitter.com/kbradnam/ has just asked if I’m switching to posterous to blog, I’m not, I’m still blogging (sporadically!) at wordpress https://drbadgr.wordpress.com/. However, everytime I use posterous I remember how much I like it and how easy it is to post. Perhaps I need to make that effort to blog as part of my thought process? Posterous is almost too easy to use, doesn’t require me to actively think ‘I’ll write a post about that’, then think of images to go with the post, links etc. I wonder if trying to post here on posterous would lower the barrier to me blogging and get me doing it more often? Would it change the nature of what and how I write? I might try it and see!


2 thoughts on “Why don’t I blog here?”

  1. So are you blogging via email to posterous then that’s pushing out to wordpress (and possibly twitter too). You really are multi platform! Re the thought process thing, I’m certainly finding blogging a help with that, as per Alan

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