Science at #camped12

Update – a great article from Tony Parkin on the CampEd idea and all the other events we got up to in available in MJO.

We did two science sessions at #camped12

1. Microscopes
We set up a binocular dissecting microscope and a regular high powered scope and looked at all the things around us. Nettles were the most popular, we could see the sting capsule on the end of the hairs on the leaves and stems. We also looked at dog hairs, chicken feathers, soil, straw, wood shavings, bark and grass.

2. Coke and mento fountains
We tried to make some fountains with mentos and diet coke. Some of them worked a treat, others not so well. I think we need to work on our mento delivery method!









3 thoughts on “Science at #camped12”

  1. I wish I’d been able to come to the microscopes session! It’s been ages since I had a play with one, although it’s just popped into my head that I have a basic USB microscope somewhere… must have a rummage!

    The mentos & coke session looked like great fun, though I turned up late as I had nearly fallen asleep on a hay bale…

    I look forward to seeing what next CampEdSci13 has to offer!

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