Off to Comenius University, Bratislava Slovakia for Comenius Integral Teacher Training (IntTT) project

Bratislava Castle

As part of my PGCE I applied to be involved in a European funded project:

Over the past two years, in partnership with universities in five other countries: Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Finland and Turkey, the University of Leicester has been participating in the ‘Comenius ‘Integral Teacher Training (IntTT)’ project, which has been funded by the European Commission (  The purpose of the project has been to create materials to help student teachers develop primary and secondary school children’s communicative and digital competence, with a particular focus on the potential of using web 2 technologies for pedagogical purposes.

An important part of the IntTT project is the mobility element, which is a funded cultural exchange that enables some students from each partner to visit the other partners. 

A particular focus of the visit will be to discuss the newly created materials to help student teachers develop school children’s communicative and digital competence.  Furthermore, it will also provide a valuable opportunity for studying aspects of school education in an entirely different national and cultural context.  Student teachers will be able to explore a different tradition in professional practice in education as well as share their own experiences of the educational system in their home countries with colleagues from the host country.

 The aims of the mobility element for the student teacher are to enable them to:

  • Observe lessons and participate in the teaching as appropriately identified by the classroom teacher.
  • Research how the digital technologies are used in the placement school.
  • Observe how children’s communicative competence is developed in the placement school.
  • Contribute to a seminar at the university about education in the student teacher’s home country and make comparisons with the host country.
  • Maintain a diary of activities in preparation for a final report.
So I’m setting off with fellow student, Helen to meet the other students from Spain,  Turkey and Finland. An Edmodo group has been set up for us to us, but I’ve already found one of the other students on twitter. Looks like I’ll get to try Google Translate to tweet in Turkish.
I’ll be hoping to blog my experiences while I am there. Fingers crossed for some free wifi!