My contribution to #Nurture1415

Having moved schools part way through the school year, I updated my Nurture13/14 at the end of the school year rather than the calendar year. My teacher brain just doesn’t work in calendar years anymore! However, in the interests of joining in the nurture project again, which I think is such a great idea, I’m here again to start a new post.

My 5 proudest achievements this year:

1. Moving schools at Easter, becoming lead for computing and being promoted to SLT after my first term in post.

2. Seeing staff using their new iPads in lots of new and exciting ways, especially when they thought I wasn’t looking!

3. Finding a new life/ work balance and beginning to develop a sense of proportion to my work. Actually starting running and being able to admit to it publicly… (see wishes!).

4. Proudly watching my twin daughters launch themselves into secondary school with such maturity, excitement and genuine enjoyment.

5. Being part of both #camped14 and #campedsouth. I’m continually grateful for the astonishing support I receive on twitter and it was wonderful to renew and strengthen online friendships in person this year. Both events have been hugely influential on my thinking and development as a teacher. Massive thanks to Alex, Dougall and Bill for their superb organisation and energy to make these events happen.

My 5 wishes for 2015:

1. Start class blogging in my new school. I can’t believe how much I have missed having an online space for my class to share their work!

2. Continue to develop our CAS regional hub. We had a super launch, but the challenge this year is to embed the network and deepen the connections we started.

3. Begin my journey to becoming a Master Teacher of Computing through CAS.

4. Finish the couch to 5K programme for running and try to join at least one Park Run. Make running part of my week and keep it as a permanent form of exercise.

5. Continue to strive for some semblance of work/life balance. I’m much better than I was, but there is always room for improvement!


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