Computing At School North Leicester Primary hub launch

We had a wonderful first meeting of the new CAS North Leicester regional hub with 62 attendees. It was fantastic to see people making connections and sharing ideas already.

At least 12 schools were represented, including some of our secondary colleagues and representatives from the University of Leicester School of Education and our current student teachers.

Yvonne Walker gave an introduction to CAS and showed some of the superb resources available for free on their website.

Phil Bagge did an outstanding job of presenting via Skype giving a lively and engaging presentation without the benefit of the obvious engagement of the audience as he couldn’t see or hear us from his study at home in Hampshire! The lesson ideas he showed us are available on his website which is a fabulous resource for anyone wanting some well tested lesson plans to get started with the new computing curriculum. He managed to make understanding how Google actually works understandable and showed how it could be taught to children in KS2.

Hopefully attendees will sign up to the CAS community to become members and join in the discussions on our regional forum. Feedback was very positive, although it is clear that we need to make space in future meetings for more time to network with and learn from each other. Another clear request was that for EFYS and KS1 ideas and for teaching the new computing curriculum, so we definitely make sure that these areas are catered for in forthcoming meetings.

I am very much looking forward to strengthen the connections made at the launch between the people that attended at our future meetings.

The next meeting will take place at Rushey Mead Primary School near the February half term. Please remember that these meetings are free to attend and are open to any educators that can get us. They are not restricted to only city or county schools! We also do a good line in biscuits and tea, coffee or fruit juice 🙂




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