Association for Science Education conference and primary teachmeet #tmase @thease #aseconf

Great example of using lists of vocabulary to go and find real examples outdoors. Children use laminated vocab lists to go and find examples to take a picture with all the and put into a pic collage and label up. From @drbiol .
Natural dyes on wool (easier than cotton, no pre wash). Boiling water, fix with vinegar or salt. Could investigate different methods, quantities and materials.
Use playground to look for materials and then what is growing on them.
Top trumps for energy sources – free resources form centre for alternative technology. Compare different forms of alternative energy. centre for alternative energy

I just went around the Association for Science Education conference’s free exhibition but found plenty of ideas:
Collins had their new science curriculum materials so I had chance to be be talked through the evaluation pack (saving me reading it in detail!)
The Met office had some great resources that I hadn’t managed to of find on their website that will be useful for science and maths:
– Daily (mon to fri in term time) child friendly weather forecast
– WOW weather observations Website- upload your own weather station data and compare to other places in yeah world – fabulous for real weather data for using in the he new maths curriculum (time graphs).
make you own weather forecast kit – we are going to a do a weather forecast in French this term, so we can use these resources to help make our filmed forecasts look really professional!

British model aircraft association – some wonderful resources for making model aircraft and a competition for us to enter to give some real life purpose to our fight and flight theme after half term. fly your plane




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