Leicester university PGCE ICT day 2013

As I was speaking at the Leicester University PGCE ICT day today, I took advantage of the free CPD on offer by sitting in on all the other talks and workshops during the day. These are just my notes and jottings to remind me of a really great day. It was lovely to see tutors and other friends from last year, a great time to reflect on my own practice too.

Miles Berry
new programme of study for computing
Started by discussing the learning environment, the principles suggested by Frobel . Physical manipulation, rich environment important to influence deep learning. Scratch was developed as a building block to understand some of the fundamentals of the building blocks of life, through experience.

Mile’s vision is for us to take charge of the technology, not have the tech take charge of us or our children. Would like to see new curriculum with children as creators, collaborators, digitally critical, responsible and understanding adults. Survey of PGCE students at Roehampton shows very few have programming experience. New curriculum promotes an understanding of the world through skills, knowledge and understanding. New draft curriculum online.

Miles asks us with the question of what the curriculum is for. Of course there is legislation to tell us – it is to prepare children for their future.

Looking at the new computing curriculum, beebots covers the KS1 part, scratch covers first three main parts of the KS2 , need to add difference between Internet and web. Describing how web search engines work and store data could be tricky, but collaborating online and analysing and presenting data is fine 🙂

Julia Skinner @theheadsoffice
100 word challenge
http://6d2012.highlawnprimary.net/ as example from @cherise_duxbury
The use of globes to show where visitors are coming from excites the children to see where their audience is from. Julia urged the students to join twitter and advertise their class blogs to get feedback. Can take part if you don’t have a class blog in 100 word challenge. Team 100 ensure that constructive comments are left on all posts, but peer commenting works best.

Simon Widdowson @xannov
Suggested apps for programming, especially KS1:
Beebot app
Daisy dinosaur
Move the turtle (like LOGO)
Hopscotch – basic intro to a scratch like system
Alex – control a robot
Dynamic art – programme coloured shapes a little like Spirograph …

KODU free software from Microsoft for a graphic interface to write instructions.
Scratch comes in two flavours, one downloaded on runs on PC, the other is browser based Scratch 2

Use scratch with code club to get self-run activities.

John Litchfield
ICT coordinator, Eastfield school
Great demonstration of using 2Simple 2Build app for EFYS assessment. Very powerful. Eastfield trialling a version on iPads for other key stages.
Twinkl phonics, blobblewritel, hairy letters, naughty pony, dyslexia quest

Numeracy pit droids (control), king of maths, bobble match, mathboard

Other recommended apps:
Wordfoto, sodasnap, book creator, comic life, photopeep

John Sutton @hgjohn
Primary blogger and a good strong message about esafety 🙂
Importance of tagging on blog posts for search engine optimisation.
Potential for using blogs for children to write reflective posts about their learning, hyperlinking back to different posts they have written to evidence their development.

Julia Kedwards
Head at Ecton Brook in Northamptonshire
Specialist ICT teacher provides instruction every week to all children in key ICT skills. Includes teaching children to touch type from early age. Lovely demonstration of the use of action movie to make a short video of a meteorite falling on the school to use as a writing stimulus for journalistic writing.
Dull and boring collaborative project across 5 schools – children fought to get their tech back when dull and boring invaded and turned their schools into a boring place.


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