Teaching a lesson twice

Whilst on my second teaching practice as a student my mentor and I used to joke about me wanting to teach every lesson I did twice. I always felt that I had learned so much from the children that I could see that teaching the lesson again it would be easier to see more quickly what the children needed to move them on. Of course this never happened with only obe class and 6 weeks practice!

This week however, I finally got my wish and adapted a numeracy on angles lesson I had used on my second teaching practice for my own class. It was a revealation. I was much more confident in knowing what misconceptions the children may have and how to deal with them, I moved children between activities because I could see quickly if the work was at the right level for them. 

I’ve written before about struggling to adapt to being a novice, but I feel that I’ve begun to turn a corner, accept that I am still learning (an always will be). A discussion on twitter tonight with Cherryl and James about how long it takes to become a good teacher made me reflect on how impatient I am. Teaching the same lesson twice has given me faith that as my experience of teaching and of children grows over time, so my practice will improve.

Repetition is something I need to focus on to develop in other ways too. I am slowly learning to change my mindset to think about how to improve my teaching by trying new things and then to keep trying them until they become part of my practice rather than trying something once, deciding it didn’t work and getting depressed about it!

My mentor as been trying to tell me this for months but I have only just begun to have the head space and self control to listen to her words of wisdom.  I can feel I’m turning a corner thanks to her support and from friends and family who keep me smiling too.


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