Using Scoopit and Pinterest to collect resources cc @tricias

I have used Scoopit as a quick way of putting a page of links for children to use for research before. Here are two examples for years 3/4:

Vikings  : Vicious Vikings (used last term for our Invaders and settlers theme)

Tudors: Terrible tudors (this formed the basis of my ICT research project during my PGCE)

I have also started collecting ideas on Pinterest when a fellow student showed me her collection. These tend to be much more image based and as Pinterest is blocked in school, are usually for my own ideas. I started using it to gather ideas for my classroom, but it is particularly good for art (ideas for arts week themed around Diwali) and any sort of poster or display resource you could ever want!

For curriculum ideas, I collected pictures of maps and resources for our Around the World theme this term.


One thought on “Using Scoopit and Pinterest to collect resources cc @tricias”

  1. Thank you for this blog entry and the links to curriculum activities. I’ll share this with the ICT co-rdinaots course in a couple of weeks as a real classroom use of curation sites.

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