What I’ve learned about the Turkish education system

Ece and Charlie

Students from science education system present their view of Turkish system

School system
Pre-school 3-5 years
Primary – 8 years, compulsory 6-14, graduate with primary
Entrance exam for secondary school at end of primary school (14)
Secondary Education is not compulsory, and lasts four years (14-18)
Focus on science for all, physics, chemistry, biology compulsory to 18
Assessment is by exam, with different types of questions and portfolio of work assessed by teachers.
Higher education can be two or four years beyond secondary. Students take national test to enter University.

Teacher education
National committee preparers the curriculum for teacher education, includes subject knowledge, general knowledge, pedagogical knowledge.
Primary teacher Education – 4 year course. Includes recent research, teaching practice.
Secondary training takes a year longer.

Teachers teach 50% of the time, 50% reflection and work. Teachers work 22 hours per week contact time, €1000 per month is average salary.



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