What I’ve learned about the Spanish education system

Monica and Elena

Stages of education:
1. nursery 0-3 (optional and not free)
3-6 compulsory (free)

2. Primary education. 6-12 yo split into three sections, two years each

3. Secondary education 12-16, split into two main stages, two years each. Graduate with elementary Education certificate. Study 9-10 subjects if fail two or more subjects in a year they must repeat the whole year.

4. Non compulsory secondary education 16-18. Students study in one of three main bands – social sciences, science and technology or arts.

Languages taught, English, french and German. English is compulsory from primary onwards.

University entrance – take five exams over three days for entrance to university ,selectividad’. Combined with results form exams taken at end of non compulsory secondary education.

Teaching in Spain
Primary – take a teaching degree, secondary, has a focus on one subject for first degree and then masters in Education.
Need to take a final qualification for teaching.
Work 25 teaching hours €1700 per month, secondary slightly better paid and fewer hours.

Use of ICT: Few schools with interactive whiteboards. Project in Madrid to pay for new technologies now in progress.

Languages: Some bilingual schools, has native speaker support as teaching assistants.

Due to the economic crisis – there are less teachers and so they have had their hours increased, teachers have protested, but people think they have long holidays and think they work only 21 hours a week.

Monica and Elena will be English teachers and should be able to find jobs as there is a great concern and push towards bilingual schools and teaching English, but in general the system is difficult.

University of Alcalá
Funded in 1499 located about an hour from Madrid. 29k students, 2.2k staff, wide variety of degrees taught. Birthplace of Miguel Cervantes (Don Quixote), annual prize for literature is very famous in Spain.



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