Diary from Slovakia day 10

Wednesday, April 25rd

Grammar School of Ladislava

Videoconference – Oil spills and dispersants

We watched some sixth form students engage in a video conference with a set of experts from Comenius University on oil dispersants. The students we’re arranged in two big groups in the room, with a web camera trained on each of the groups, the university staff had a web cam in their office. They shared PowerPoint slides and videos whilst discussing their differing views and evidence on the use of dispersants (detergents) to get rid of crude oil spills in the ocean. The videoconference was conducted using Adobe Connect software. The students had an opportunity to ask questions at the end, although they told us afterwards that the university staff didn’t hear them properly and so they didn’t really answer the questions they asked them.

Whilst the use of the software was interesting, and a good case study, it did seem rather unnecessary as we knew the room that the university experts were in is about a 15 minute walk away from the school….




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