Diary from Slovakia day 8

Monday 23 April

In the middle of the old town, Edulab is a space to show case digital technologies in teaching. Very funky, white and lime green everywhere, Asus all in one PCs, very advanced looking SmartBoard, connected visualiser. Moveable desks, flexible space, set of Asus net books available.

View of digital Education environment requires three components: content, infrastructure, skills. Providing skills and content here for Slovak teachers, and directly to students and children. Wider missions to create life long learning for families, schools and enterprises. Have created two portals, one for teachers with content, one for wider public and children.

Naučteviac.sk (teacher portal)
40 k digital objects for reuse and remix. Some complete lessons. Available for students to use and work at home, for flipped lessons. created a series of text books (physical copies with workbooks for students) and lesson plans with digital links and content.

This is a subscription service, sponsored and subsidised by companies : agemsoft, and publisher, planéta vedomosti – digital curriculum (digitalne kurikulum).

Portal is subdivided by subject and national curriculum levels. Content was created in English by publisher and adapted into Slovak : planéta vedomosti. Copyright material licensed to them through portal.The group are working towards getting this content licensed nationally and shared as a national program so that remixed work can be shared nationally and within the EU.

Can remix content to create own lessons and save for presentations. Can add in own content, ppt, photos, audio. When in display mode, has SmartBoard type options available (drawing, highlighting) so if teacher is using data projector can still have some of those facilities recorded. Can add own sound, can then deliver to the students through the student portal. Possible to assign different lessons to different students. VLE environment, has tracking for assessment show in time spent, hints used, results by each student.

There is a lack of materials for teachers in Slovak, many teachers do not speak english well enough to use English resources that are available for free.

Different material available for nursery teaching and special needs. From edusenus. Some can be used by voice activation through a microphone.

We were shown examples of the tests used by psychologists on all children at the end of kindergarten that children must pass to gain entry to school at 6 years old. Have put these tests online as they are trying to nationalise a software test to make it more consistent and more objective.

Photos from the day at http://guitarman.sk/Student_17_04_2012.zip






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