Diary from Slovakia day 11

Thursday, April 26th

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Presentations by visiting students on education systems in their home countries and their home university and final evaluation of our experiences in Slovakia

I’ve made separate posts for each country, as I thought these might be useful to refer back later.

Overall reflection of my experiences
English and access to tech is a privilege, will not moan about IT problems but sort them out and get the children using the equipment we have

Teaching is as much about nonverbal communication as verbal, this has been very clear in lessons we have observed in Slovak were I didn’t understand any of the verbal elements.

Teacher talk is horribly boring when you don’t understand any of it. More children talk is so much better.

I am already quite aware of what I think good teaching is, but it was hard to see good learning in action which is much more important, as we couldn’t interact with the children.

Technology needs a purpose or it is pointless.

Real life experience of culture and friendships are irreplaceable.

The trip has made me think about my teaching form a child’s point of view. The head teacher yesterday reminded us never to forget what it is like to be a pupil.


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