Blogging at Google Teacher Academy #gtauk


Google Teacher Academy, UK 4 April 2012. 

It seemed appropriate to try to use Google+ to ‘blog’ my time at the Google Teacher Academy, so I’ve devised a strategy (only time will tell if it will work!):

  • set up a dedicated G+ page for my notes and posts from the event. I’m planning to start one post per agenda ‘item’.
  • I will be using a laptop (hopefully a Chromebook) on loan from Google so I’ve set up my Chrome account with the bookmarks I need (G+ page, my own G+ account)
  • installed two Chrome extensions (silverbird and extended share for G+) so that I can follow the twitter stream and the #gtauk tag and post my G+ updates to twitter. (Silver bird does a great job, you can even add a hashtag search and have the results feed into a ‘unified’ tab of all incoming tweets, all hovering nicely over your browser).
  • changed the settings on my iPad2 and iPod touch to upload photos automatically to my G+ account using the G+ app (in fact once this setting is turned on, the photos upload without you taking them from within the app). These are private until I choose to share them. The main downside I can see here is that they are uploaded to my profile account, not the page.
  • set up a search on the #gtauk on G+ and saved it to my page and profile.
  • make use of delicious / to bookmark any useful sites via twitter using ‘#bm’ in the tweet (auto bookmarks any other hashtags in the tweet, so hopefully should end up with them all under a #gtauk tag on delicious).

Simples 😉

(how long go you give me before my head explodes tomorrow?!)



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