Digital Technology Specialism presentation 29 March 2012

As part of our PGCE course, we choose a specialism to devote some time to an action research project, or extra study during our second teaching placements. I choose ICT and managed to fail at the first hurdle. Those of you who knew me in the days before teaching will be most amused to learn that I forgot the first rule of elearning technology – check everything in situ.

I had tested the links I had prepared on the class laptop to ensure that they worked under the filtering set up on the school network. However, when we got to the ICT suite, the PCs there were set up differently and the links did not work. Looking back I realized that I should have tested the links on the exact PCs I was using in the lesson and using a class not staff log-in. This was something I would have done without thinking in my former role as an elearning technologist, and I was rather annoyed with myself that I had not foreseen the problem. This was partly down to the shift in role (I was not thinking like an elearning technologist training staff with little patience! I was in ‘teaching’ mode) and partly down to teaching placement fatigue.

The project was to look at the differences between links on a curated site (such as Scoopit!) and the same links just as a list of hypertext and how the children interacted with both. I managed to repeat the activity and got some useful information from the children in discussion with them using the sites as presented.

tudor homes scoopit!

I had to prepare an 8 minute presentation to give to my peers on Thursday 29 March, 2012:

Google Doc

I learned two things from the project –

  1. Children’s enthusiasm for ICT will get you through many technical difficulties 🙂
  2. I need to teach children digital literacy skills (I knew this but it was interesting to see it in action – more details in the presentation)

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