#CampEd12 educational fun in a field!

Very exicted to recieve the first installment of the CampEd12 newsletter today. I’m really looking forward to this event in May in a field near my hometown.

What is CampEd?

‘The premise of #CampEd12 (or #Shedfest as it was then known) was to hold a free learning festival held in a field. This has been inspired by LOB (Learning on the Beach), Teachmeet, LWF, Kidsmeets and other conferences. We intended that the activities would range from demonstrations, chaired discussions, joint events (hosted both by adults and children), walks and practical activities. Whilst some of the festival will be inevitably timetabled we wanted time for discussion whilst walking, playing or washing up. The key element of #CampEd12 was to provide opportunities for people, who might not otherwise have the chance to meet, to develop ideas around pedagogy, resourcing, educational development and key ideas across different age phases, subjects and sectors. It was also not intended that it would necessarily be techfest (although inevitably as many of us met online this will play some part). This festival will be attended by families and so it is important the activities will reflect this.

Finally a key part of the festival is the fact that it is designed by those who are attending – if there is something you would like to see or lead please do add it to the wiki www.camped12.wikispaces.com

Update 29 April 2012:

As my Dad is a long term volunteer at Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, which runs from Oxenhope to Keighley,  my Dad will be giving us a behind the scenes tour.  It is Railway Children weekend so there will be plenty going on.

As my husband is also coming along, we have put our science brains together and thought that perhaps some good old exploding outdoor fun would be fun. There is the famous coke bottles and mentoes, or coke bottle hydraulic rockets perhaps? What else would people like to do with some scientists in a field? Answers on a postcard or comment or tweet me and we will see what we can develop.


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