Children’s view on what makes a good teacher

As a way of getting to know the children I am teaching a little better, I asked them today to tell me what made a good teacher. There were some interesting answers:

1. Know the subjects very well- the main subjects are, English, maths, history, science, topic
2. Be smiley
3. Be kind
4. Bond with the children
5. Not be boring, be a bit funny or tell some jokes sometimes.
6. Be respectful
7. Have a good expressive reading voice
8. Know the children’s names

The class teacher was intrigued to know that the children only learned 5 subjects, especially as their topic work this term is history (the Tudors). We wondered what happened to RE, Music, PE, Art, PSHE….

Bond with the children was an odd choice of words for an 8 year old, but that is what they said!

I have to say that I think this is a pretty good list, and I’m going to try and live up to it.


6 thoughts on “Children’s view on what makes a good teacher”

  1. I remember that my first class said that they liked me a lot more than their previous teacher because I smiled more. It is really important to children.

  2. Very interesting and I think the comments are true whatever the age of the audience. But maybe the ‘other’ lessons also depend on the school, mine do RE, PE, drama, music and SRE as well as english, maths etc.

    1. N, the children are taught all the national curriculum subjects, just like everyone else! Was funny that they saw only those five as the important ones (and their topic was actually history, so in fact they only listed 4!)

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