3 comments on “Blogging, tweeting and being a #PGCE student

  1. I’ve just found your blog, I’m starting PGCE in Sept. and it’s great to read someone a little further down the road. Keep it up.

    Scoop.it looks like a fantastic tool, thanks for sharing this. I’m teaching ICT twice a week for an independent school (unqualified, and scary!) and I’m often coming up against a problem with balance… on one hand I want to free up the kids to find what they need, using the internet sensibly to get information, and being a little prescriptive and structured so they don’t go all over the place and head to some weird, wonderful and inappropriate sites — a lot of the time they just get **really** distracted.

    Scoop.it looks like a great way for me to strike this balance, plan ahead, find a series of sites and resources that are relevant as staring off points, rather than letting them loose on Google.

    Thanks for the inspiration… signing up to Scoop.it now.

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