Google Teacher Academy UK #GTAUK application – how is this for starters?

When I was making the decision to become a teacher, I started to follow some teachers on twitter. Several that inspired me went on to be the first UK Google Certified Teachers, and following their tweets during and after the event was amazing. It wasn’t necessarily the incredible amount of ground they seemed to cover in the sessions, or the innovative approaches to teaching they presented (though of course they were amazing), but watching the community around #GTA form that for me was the key of the event. Here, a group of teachers were given the tools to collaborate and an experience to bind them together which has resulted in a strong core to the UK twitter teacher community that has driven dissemination and innovation nationwide.

So, when the chance to apply for the second Google Teacher Academy in the UK came up, I started working on how I could show that I was worthy of joining a group of educators passionate about working with children and other teachers with technology. I am still a trainee teacher, but I know that being part of the GTA will enhance my professional practice to another level that I could not achieve alone.

The application is in two parts, a written submission (in progress!) and a one minute video which can be about ‘Classroom innovation‘ or ‘Motivation and Learning‘. I chose classroom innovation. This was appropriate for me as a trainee, as I know I will be expected to bring fresh ideas to the profession.

Seeking feedback from my peers and reflecting and acting on their advice has always been an important part of any work that I have done. I would therefore really value any comments or suggestions you might have on my application before I submit it (I may need to re-record the audio, I’ve realised some of my words are not very clear and I think I sound rather boring!).

UPDATE 4 Feb 2012: following lots of helpful feedback, I’ve made some changes to my application video, and republished it here:


4 thoughts on “Google Teacher Academy UK #GTAUK application – how is this for starters?”

  1. Suggestion to add – Opportunities for inclusive teaching with the technologies enabling disabled students to learn alongside their peers. E.g. multi user games with avatars have no restrictions. Pupils also get to appreciate contributions from others with accessibility issues.
    Medical model for disability can be countered.

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