5 comments on “Is special needs education your passion? Then come and share your ideas with other at TeachMeet SEN! #TMSEN12

  1. Jo,

    Great to read about TeachMeet SEN. I ran an online (Flashmeeting) TeachMeet ASN-SEN in 2009. You can browse it at http://teachmeet.pbworks.com/w/page/19975383/TeachMeet%20ASN-SEN%202009%20online.

    Also, I am planning for Radio #Edutalk (http://edutalk.cc/pages/radio-edutalk) into 2012 and had asked on Twitter for suggestions for guests. A certain DD suggested that I approach you to see if you would like to share and discuss some of your work during one of the weekly broadcasts. I will be in touch about this within the next week to see if you are interested.


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