Having fun with magnetism @orunner

This morning, our poor ICT tutor was suffering from the lurgy, so he left us to work on magnetism all alone. This is a carousel of sessions, covering two days, so it will be interesting to see what happens over the next two days and we were the first group to try it. I was really impressed by the way that our groups knuckled down and produced some amazing videos. Not everyone made videos, some people went and did some self-study on magnetism to improve their subject knowledge. Here we all are working away:

I worked with Rachel and Jenny and we had great fun using a set of plastic coated ball bearings and a couple of magnets to make a football game. I recorded the video on the iPad2 then edited it in the  iMovie app. The editing process was really simple and we just used the standard themes and settings to publish this video within 45 minutes of starting the lesson. I would have sent it to YouTube, but I’ve forgotten my password!! D’oh!  So instead I exported it to the camera roll and emailed it to posterous.

Click on the photo to go to the video on posterous

Jenny and Rachel went on to make a magnet maze:

Magnet Mayhem
click on the photo to go to the posterous video

Several things about this session have struck me so far:

  1. Despite it being 2 days away from the end of term, with a bunch of other pressures on us, we all took the opportunity to work on this task and not disappear to do other stuff.
  2. Self- formed groups got on together quickly, decided on what to video and had all started shooting something within the fist 20 minutes of the lesson
  3. There was an awful lot of laughter in the room.
  4. The groups were really creative in the topics they chose, how they presented them and put them together.

Application in the classroom:

  1. Adding video and photo recording into the mix gave the activity a purpose and a fun creative stimulus to the way we all worked.
  2. An external audience (we were asked to email our results to Doug, and I hope that people will share them between the groups online via Facebook, or on their blogs) motivated us in the absence of Doug’s actual presence.
  3. Explaining a topic to someone else via video made people think carefully about their own subject knowledge and how to engage kids in the same way.

One thought on “Having fun with magnetism @orunner”

  1. I agree with the comments above. It just goes to show the professionalism of the group and that when there is learning to do and they have control of it they have fun ( and learn) … would be great to ask what they have learned. I hope that people do share their work as this gets the ‘sense of wider audience for learning’ across.

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