Digital Technologies specialism

Wordle: Gove Schools Network

On Tuesday, we start our specialist courses. The techno fairies were listening to my plea, so I’ll be thinking about research in the area of Digital Technologies and ICT in schools during my second teaching placement. Our course leader, Doug Dickinson asked us to give Micheal Gove marks for his speech last week to Schools Network (see Doug’s post on the matter).

Ignoring the stuff about freedom bring great PISA results, I concentrated on the technology aspects of his speech, highlighting key words and collating them into a wordle above. He spent a lot of time talking about how we don’t need hardware any more, and that we should be concentrating on free educational online digital content. The Khan Academy got lots of free publicity for their micro-tutorials, as did iTunesU. There was even a hint of the potential of ‘bring your own device/technology‘ in there for good measure. Whilst I agree with much of the sentiment about technology (not something I expected!)  it is rather convenient that free digital content and free CPD for teacher training should be popular with a government minister at a time of cutting budgets and slashing funding.

I’ve made my Evernote notebook for this course public. I’ll my notes, thoughts, web clippings and ideas there as I go.


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