Choosing a specialism for my PGCE course

During our second placement we have the opportunity to carry out a short research project in our chosen specialist subject. We have lots of great areas to choose from and while I know that I would enjoy working on  an aspect of science education, my heart is set on getting the chance to explore the cross-curricula use of ICT.

We’ve been asked to state our reasons for choosing a particular specialism. This is a chance for us to think about the choices we are making. What better place for me to think about my use of ICT than here? I have so many ideas that I want to try, I can see that I am going to need some help to narrow my focus and decide what is achievable during my second placement. This is a great opportunity to explore, take risks with my teaching practices and try some of the wonderful ideas I’ve been hearing about from my personal learning network. Could I…

I’m spoiled for choice and it will be difficult to decide. What I have no problem deciding is the fact that whatever I choose to do, it needs to be for one reason: to engage children and enable them to extend and develop their learning by becoming less dependent on me as a teacher to supply answers to their questions and more independent in finding and making their own questions to ask of the world. That is what technology has given me and I would the opportunity to observe the effect it could have the children I work with.


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