first week in first placement

I’ll admit I was nervous about my first week on my first teaching placement. I had no need to be nervous, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the children and their teachers. No two days are the same and it is pretty tiring – by Thursday evening all I could manage when I got home was 25 minutes of sitting in the kitchen staring at the wall! A bit of social time with friends and family over the weekend has rejuvenated me and I can’t wait to get started all over again tomorrow.

We need to write a weekly reflection throughout the course, but I just didn’t have the energy to try on Friday afternoon, so I got up early on Saturday morning and started looking through the suggestions on how to write the reflections during our placements. Cross referencing backwards and forwards between all the different documentation we use, the penny finally dropped and saw the connections between my weekly review, the Q standards, the standards evidence descriptors and the spirals of development and then ultimately the recording of the evidence of my achievements in my PDP. This has been quite a revelation and will really help me to see how I can reflect, self-assess, and then see what I need to work on to improve. Another step on the road to becoming a reflective practitioner.

Enough reflection, time for some action. I’ve got to get my equipment sorted out for work tomorrow:

  1. King Charles dog glove puppet
  2. Toasting fork
  3. Oil lamp
  4. Large pot of shells and stones



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