Whilst my kids have been on half term this week, I’ve been in University working on a cross-curriculum project on water with a small group of my talented colleagues (one of them reworked Cliff’s summer holiday to hilarious effect). The timetable has been a little different this week to enable us to work in small groups, so we have had some study and been able to work remotely on a simple VLE-type system (Honeycomb – not the Android OS). Consequently, I found myself in the library on Tuesday for an hour before lunch doing some reading. Fortunately twitter was keeping me company and I saw that the first PedR meeting of the season was about to start, so off I went to join my former colleagues and eat my lunch. It was wonderful to take part in a discussion about pedagogy in publishing and pick up some information about eBooks from a Jon Crowe of OUP.

I do miss my colleagues in the College but I am having such a great time with my PGCE peers that I didn’t even mind missing the PedR cake to get back to them. Must be good, eh?


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