Survived my first week of #PGCE

This has been my first full week as a student on the Primary PGCE course. My overwhelming feeling this week has been one of relief. Relief at finally getting going after starting on this journey in January 2010. Relief at meeting people of similar age to me, other mothers and some inspiring peers who are much younger than I but have so many different experiences and outlooks to share. Relief at being treated like an adult, with high professional expectations from the course leaders. Relief at finding a profession that is fascinating, intellectually challenging and enjoyable.

I’ve also felt very uncomfortable at times (and not just because the rooms are incredibly hot, or that I’m still recovering from my cycle ride in). Learning something new has always been easy for me, I’ve chosen subjects I enjoy and have been curious about. I’ve found academic intellectually challenging but I’ve never felt uncomfortable while doing it. One of our tutors discussed the pain of transition that we will experience, changing our identity, becoming a novice again and being resilient to the risk of failure. This struck home with me and I’ve had quite an unexpected emotional reaction to thinking about how I learn, and what it means to help others learn. When I left my old job, Alan reminded me that education is not something I can do to others, how right he was. I hope that the process of breaking down my preconceptions about my own learning, and my reactions to being ‘taught’ will help inform how I can work with children.

It has been a long week, every bit as hard as I expected, but definitely one of the most inspiring weeks I’ve ever had. Can’t wait for week 2.


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