Summer reading list #PGCE

One of the pre-course tasks we were set was to read from children’s literature, review the books and think about how we might use them in the classroom.  The list reflected the multi-cultural nature of the city centre of Leicester and gave an insight in to the diverse backgrounds that some children may have experienced before coming to school. As I am taking the Upper Primary course, most of the books were for older children but there were several that I felt dealt with some complex emotional issues that were beyond primary age level.

I used Evernote on the iPad and iPod touch to take notes on each book, using a photo of the cover to remind me what it looked like. I’ve published my notes directly from Evernote, they are very much notes and thoughts rather than nicely written reviews and prose so don’t be too hard on me. The books I felt were most challenging for Upper Primary were:

I am going to discuss them with the year 6 teacher I’ll be working with this week to seek her opinion on how she would handle these books in class.

A note to remind myself that the Book Trust provides a wealth of information about children’s books and their best book guides are a great starting place for new literature. However, I note that the review for Abela doesn’t mention the circumcision, would be useful to have a guide somewhere that gave this level of detail/ warnings for teachers (I’m sure there will be something like this somewhere!).


One thought on “Summer reading list #PGCE”

  1. Looks as if you are getting well into the way of things … love your none-print approach and your personal blog come reflective journal …

    I also use GoodReader … I email myself notes that people send etc and then can work on them … Evernote is great … love the photo bits as reminders … wish more people would have QR codes on stuff

    Looking forward to working with you this year


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