Trying out Pogo Sketch Stylus with iPad2

I bought my iPad2 with the intention of using it in place of a laptop on my PGCE course. That was the best excuse for buying one I could come up with 😉

I have become quite a fan of the GoodReader App which allows you to annotate PDFs on screen, thereby bypassing the need I have to print out documents I read in order to be able to scribble on them. I have found that sometimes the text is too small or close together to be able to accurately select it to highlight it, and I’ve been missing the ability to scribble, adding sticky notes with typed text is good but sometimes I want to just put a big exclamation mark, or ring a whole section of text. I’ve tried doing this with my finger, but it always goes wrong and I unreadable or just massive! So I thought a stylus might help me fulfil this urge to scribble and connect my brain to the content of what I’m reading.

So, the first purchase I have made with the very generous Amazon voucher I received as part of my leaving present from work, was a stylus. I took ages to decide which one I would get. In the end I plumped for the pogo sketch, which is on the cheaper end of the stylus market and comes in pink (very important!). There were a couple of reasons for my choice, firstly, I wasn’t sure if I would like using a stylus, I’d read a lot of reviews where people moaned that they were too unresponsive and would ‘drag’, too much across the screen to be of use, so I didn’t want to spend a lot and discover I hated using it. Secondly, it was the stylus recommended by many, including Andy Inhakto, in his very useful ebook on the iPad (which is worth a read – i just read the free chapter cos I am cheap His reasoning was that it worked well enough and was cheap enough to loose and not be upset about. Given that I can’t keep the same pen for two days straight, I liked his reasoning.

So, was the pogo sketch worth the £8.30? Well, so far, I would say yes. It is about the right length to hold comfortably, fairly lightweight but balances well in the hand. The ‘nib, part does look pretty flimsy, but it works well so far and for under £10 I don’t expect a lifetime’s use out of it!

Attached is a set of photos of the stylus and various apps I’ve used with it.

Bamboo paper – a nice simple drawing app showing the difference between drawing with your fingers (which feels very odd) and the stylus.

Doodle buddy – a free draw app that my kids love because is has lots of stamps that make amusing noises when you use them (think horses neighing for a zebra stamp), but also allows you to annotate photos and save them back to the photo album

GoodReader – the stylus is great for this and definitely does what I wanted. Highlighting even small text was much easier and I can scribble too 🙂

I want to try out the showme app to make something similar to Primary Pete’s maths demonstrations on live scribe, but I think that is another blog post!



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