Saving ink for #PGCE

I’m following the #PGCE tag on twitter, before I start my course in September. I’ve seen lots of tweets towards the end of this term about how much paper evidence trainee teachers have to provide to their assessors. It appears that this is not just a problem in the UK, but in other countries too. A great post from @traintheteacher made me start to wonder about my aim to work digitally as much as possible on my course. I got an iPad2 in place of a laptop as I wanted to be able annotate PDFs, slides, images and photos (GoodReader has been great for this so far). I plan to scan printed work where I can and keep electronic notes over paper ones. The notes I kept whilst on work experience in schools were done on the iPad or iPod touch and emailed straight to WordPress (a separate blog from this but I’m wondering if I should move the content over here). I’ve set up a notebook in Evernote for my portfolio of evidence (note to self: need to investigate if I can make this public!).

I’ve heard our undergraduates complain about printing costs, and having just spent £26 on replacement cartridges for my old HP deskjet, and knowing that printing in university isn’t cheap, I thought I had better start looking at how I can cut down on costs for the items I can’t get away from printing out.

Martin Hawksey has a good overview on ways to save ink, and I had already seen eco font . At first I thought that eco font was software that you had to buy – their website isn’t very clear – then I realised that you can download the actual font for free and install it yourself. It was easy to install (just a matter of dragging the font into the right folder and authorising with my admin password). Here is how the font looks on the screen when blown up 200% (the eco font has little holes in it):

eco font on screenand it printed out OK

eco font printed

Martin also pointed at an article I’d seen about using Century Gothic font to save ink, which is another good idea (and a nice font!).

I’m not sure if either of these will save my ink yet, but I hope they do! In the meantime I’ll try to keep stuff digital where I can…I could be worrying about nothing and will definitely be bringing up electronic portfolios with the teaching staff once I get started next term.

3 thoughts on “Saving ink for #PGCE”

  1. I really love the idea here. I have just started using Evernote and am totally addicted. I think there is a public setting, but I glossed over it as I wasn’t planning on using it.

    In terms of getting away from printing, I’m not sure that I am going to be able to. I think I need to submit oodles of paperwork as evidence for the millions of standards. I think eco font could be a good first step. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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