What and when is #Pumpkinday? And why does it involve #cake?

pumpkin cake by 4ELEVEN Images CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Those of you that read this blog will know that I am soon to leave the University of Leicester as an employee (only to return as a student in September to start a Primary School PGCE).

I will still be online in many places especially on twitter @jobadge and will keep blogging (probably here) so I know I will be in contact with most of you for a long time to come.  However, I would like to mark the end of one very happy phase of my working life and the start of a new one by asking anyone that wants to come and say goodbye to a mega tweet up on my last official day, Friday 15 July 2011. It is only right and fitting that we meet in the David Wilson Library (DWL) at 10.30 am for #cake and beverages. The first University of Leicester tweet-up was back in 2009, and we’ve used the tag #cake and actual cake as the cement in our online/offline network ever since (did we have one before that? maybe it was just me and Alan and Stuart?!). I’m guessing that Alan is calling this #pumpkinday as this the day the spell wares off and I turn back into a pumpkin for the summer before hoping a magic fairy transforms me into a proto-teacher in September!

I’ve been very honoured to work with some fantastic colleagues and friends over the last 7 years and I hope you will come along so I can thank you for making my work fun, enjoyable and productive.

So join me at 10.30am Friday 15 July 2011, DWL cafe for #pumpkinday and #cake


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