Safeassign and Turnitin (old news but maybe useful to someone)

Every now and again, someone asks me about SafeAssign. It is the plagiarism checking tool now included in Blackboard (formerly called MyDropBox). Back in 2007 I ran a brief evaluation of SafeAssign on our Blackboard system. I posted a rough summary of the findings on the JISCMAIL plagiarism list at the time. I hadn’t realised until today, that I never made the final report public, so in the spirit of sharing and given that I am trying to make as much of my work available for people to use in my absence, I thought I better rectify that.

This comes with a major health warning – I wrote this in 2007, Turnitin has change a great deal since then, so I am sure that Safeassign has moved on too (however, perhaps not as I can see that the support documentation looks identical in the parts that I picked out in 2007 in my report, and a recent screenshot someone sent me of their use of Safeassign looked exactly the same as mine did 4 years ago).

I would be interested to hear of other people’s experiences of Safeassign. It is clearly something that more people will start to look at again when thinking about their VLE use and costs, since it comes ‘free’ with Blackboard rather than as an additional cost on top of Blackboard.

Report on SafeAssign 2007


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