eMarking on Grademark (TurnitinUK)

Cath Ellis (@cathellis13) gave a great presentation at the TurnitinUK users group 2011 about the use of Grademark (the marking system available with Turnitin) within an eSubmission system at Huddersfield. She made several points that made me think that the time was right to look at eSubmission again here at Leicester:

  • ‘Why waste a good crisis?‘ : Good straight talking australian logic to help see the bright side of the impending funding crisis gloom and doom in HE. If we are all being required to do more with less, then why not leverage additional funcitonality of an existing (already paid for) tool? No HEI is going to drop plagairism scanning, but many may want to start emarking with grademark
  • ‘I don’t care if you don’t want to electronic mark, I do’ : Sometimes we get so bogged down in making sure all our colleagues are catered for that we forget to make options available for those that DO want to try new things.
  • ‘It’s no co-incidence that the OU have high NSS scores and lots of electronic marking’ : True, the OU has been using track changes (or added text in Word) and a home-grown file management system to mark, return and monitor student work for years. I’ve used the system myself as an Associate Lecturer. It is simple and it works (some good research evidence from the OU in their knowledge base)

Cath makes some good points about using Grademark on her blog. I hope we can start to discuss this at Leicester and how we can make the most of the tools we already have.


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