My PLE evolution into 2011 and beyond?


PLE version 4, Dec 2009



I’ve been tracking the evolution of my Personal Learning Environment since Jan 2008. I’ve  found this a useful way to reflect on how I work, consume and produce information online. In my last post about my PLE in December 2009, I noted:

‘The other main difference which has influenced my PLE this year, is the use of an iPod Touch. With wifi at home and work, mobile apps for twitter, mobile access to friendfeed and services like evernote have changed and probably extended the way that I interact with these services.’

Alan commented that he thought I had moved away from content to communication. Thinking about my PLE has become my turn of the year ritual (and I think more productive for me than a review of my year or resolutions for the new year ahead). So, I pulled up PLE v 4.0 from December 2009 and started to modify it for PLE number 5. Apart from adding posterous (which I missed off by mistake last year) and changing delicious for Diigo as my bookmarking service, there really isn’t much to change.

At first I wondered if this meant that I hadn’t developed the way I learnt over the last 12 months, as I thought that this is what my PLE was about. However, I don’t think that this is the case and that Alan’s comment from before should have alerted me to the fact earlier that my PLE is actually a Personal Learning Network. The tools I use may change and my workflow may develop and become more refined, but what I learn is about who I learn it from, not the tools I use to discover it. Over the last year I’ve used communication tools to separate the audiences I interact with, twitter for work and Facebook for friends.

‘Communications tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring… It’s when a technology becomes normal, then ubiquitous, and finally so pervasive as to be invisible, that the really profound changes happen’ Clay Shirky, Here comes everybody, 2008

A little slow to the party, but hey, at least I’ve arrived in time for  #cake 🙂


2 thoughts on “My PLE evolution into 2011 and beyond?”

    1. Yes, I was wondering about what effect being a student will have. I am already following lots of teachers on twitter, but primary school tends to be a more paper-base system!

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