Citation game using Zotero

From the Chronicle 7 Jan 2011:

University of Michigan researchers are hoping a new game they developed will help students with the dreaded academic task of crafting a bibliography—and make it more fun.

The game, BiblioBouts, turns collecting citations into a competitive event, pitting students against their classmates.

Students are rewarded for their research skills and their ability to differentiate between good and bad material. To play, they find sources, which are judged by their peers for relevance and credibility, and then measure the worth of sources their classmates find. They gain more points the more sources they assess accurately and the better their own sources are judged.’

This is interesting as the game uses Firefox and Zotero to collate and share the resources. The peer review element is a great idea and mirrors the peer review process for publishing papers (a little!).

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2 thoughts on “Citation game using Zotero”

  1. Am contemplating how I could incorporate this into a unit I run in Semester 1 – so, just finished, but if still working next year I might well!

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