Self Assessment and Google presenter

I presented at an internal staff event looking at Peer and Self Assessment this week and thought it only appropriate that I self-assess my presentation 😉

My presentation was written on Google presenter, so that the slides were made available during the presentation and participants could use the ‘view together’ link to chat next to the presentation. There were several problems with this:

1. I asked my twitter PLN to get involved, and bless them, several people came along to say hello. this wasn’t a problem for me, but I suspect it was a tremendously dull experience for them. The slides didn’t advance on their version of the presentation and they couldn’t hear me. So interaction #fail on my part.

2. The google chat window doesn’t persist. I haven’t got a record of what was added to the chat window, and could only look over it quickly on Alan’s laptop when I got back to my seat at the end of the presentation.

3. Technology failure. Google presenter allows you to embed youtube videos really easily into slides. However, the PCs we use in meeting rooms are very under powered and the videos were very slow to load. I had anticipated this might be a problem and brought a set of the videos saved as .mp4 to play in quick time instead. This caused two further problems – coming in and out of the google presentation (or possibly something else!) caused google presenter to freeze, and then the videos would only play in quicktime when quicktime was closed completely, then the files open a fresh from my memory stick.

Good things: 

1. Videos: I made a series of videos using screenr which I uploaded directly to youtube and took .mp4 copies offline. These showed how student and staff views of the various tools I was demonstrating and allowed me to talk through the examples without lots of clicking, and concentrating on a live demo. Even with the hardware problems, it was much quicker than doing it live.

2. Having Alan and Alex manage the chat window for me was tremendously helpful and if I do something like this again, I’ll definitely ask people in the room to moderate and assist the online participants.

So what have I learned?

1. Our lecture theatre PCs are weedy

2. Make video demonstrations – they can be re-used in lots of different ways later (embedded in a demonstration Blackboard course, shared on the blog etc).

3. Using google presenter plus chat was a distraction on this occassion, it needs to have a clear purpose and moderation (not in terms of censorship but in terms of helping participants to know what is going on)

4. Don’t try to do too much at once!


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