Peer assessment in Blackboard and Turnitin

I’m presenting today at an internal event about peer assessment to colleagues (staff and students) from across the University of Leicester.

I felt it was important that I practiced what I preached, so I have made my presentation using google presenter and will be asking for colleagues to comment live and ask questions as I present (risky on several fronts, but hey, nothing ventured…). As Alan has done this before, I’ve asked him and Alex Moseley to assist me in collating questions from the room but if anyone else from outside the meeting wants to join in please do.

GDoc Presentation

To join in the presentation:

Log into Google

use the link

click ‘View together‘ on the bottom right of the screen

To just view the slides only use

I’m scheduled to present from 11.20 to 12.00 Wednesday 15 December 2010 , so I won’t be tweeting during that time. Ask Alan or Alex on twitter if you need help accessing the presentation.


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