Let me explain, yes I’m going to learn to teach

In a fit of excitement I just announced that I have finally got a place at university of Leicester to take a PGCE to become a primary school teacher.  I will start the course in September 2011.  This has been rather a long journey for me, something I’ve been thinking hard about since January this year. It has taken a lot of soul-searching so finally getting a place sorted out today was a big relief.  My closest colleagues (those that I dare to count as friends) already knew that this was in the pipeline, and now that the place has been confirmed, and their support has been fantastic. It felt right to share the news more widely now.

It’s a long time until I leave my current role at University of Leicester and revert to being a University of Leicester once again  (which I’m sure will be an interesting journey! I’m already wondering if I can sneakily hang on to my Blackboard admin rights!! ). I hope that the tweeps I talk to and that constantly provide me with stimulation, and bring new and exciting things to my attention everyday, will continue to be there after I make the move, but I understand if you don’t want to share in my student growing pains! I know that I will be very upset to leave my current role when the day comes, I work with some fantastic people and enjoy what I do. However, for my own development I need to make a change and this is the right one for me (remind of that during teaching practice won’t you?!).


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