Tweeting links and bookmarking on the iPod Touch

I was trying to reply to Ann Marie’s question about how to tweet URLs from safari on the iPad, iTouch or iPhone, when I realised it wouldn’t fit into 140 characters. So, here is the longer version, I use several different  methods:

1. Bookmarklet – This is a way to edit the bookmarks that you can save in Safari on the iTouch. The one I use came as a suggestion with the original Tweetie when I downloaded it as an app. Here is how to do it (mobile friendly page) I know you can also do this with twitterlator, but haven’t found if you can use it with Twitter for iPhone since twitter acquired tweetie as their official app.  The bookmarklet is easy to use, just click on the bookmark link when you want to tweet a link and click ‘post to tweetie’.

2. Via is great for moving between platforms. Use the ‘+’ button on the safari browser to ‘mail link to this page’ and email the link to posterous. If you set up your posterous account to tweet, then email directly to, posterous will automatically tweet the link for you. Like this. (tip – save this email address in your iTouch contacts list to make it even quicker to email).

3. Good old copy and paste 😉  I usually use Tweetdeck or Twitter for iphone as my tweeting apps of choice, both have URL shorteners, so if you paste in a long URL, tap the shortener link, they will zap them down to size for you.

Anne Marie also asked about bookmarking – I know she is a delicious fan, and so am I. I use two methods:

1. I use the mobile site to bookmark on my iTouch. This is a regular bookmarklet on my safari that I use on my Mac and put on my iTouch by syncing my bookmarks across (no faffing involved with editing the java script here, the one on the Mac works directly on the iTouch once synced). Just like the tweetie bookmarklet, this is a simple click of the bookmarking page to push over to delicious.

2. is really useful for bookmarking tweets with URLs. I started collecting everything I tweeted, but found it got too messy and I ended up with a lot of untagged bookmarks. So I used the very flexible settings to only copy URLs that I add the hashtag #bm and then any other relevant delicious tags. So I usually retweet something of interest (which also serves to forward it to my network on twitter) and add the relevant tags. This works really well. See what I’ve bookmarked so far using this system. The tag ‘’ is always added.


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