4th International Plagiarism Conference #4IPC2010

This week I will be mostly attending the 4th International Plagiarism Conference at University of Northumbria, Newcastle. The conference hashtag is #4IPC2010 and I’m hoping to see a few more people twittering this year (I was certainly in a small minority last year, but did make a few online friends there!). I’ve been to two of the previous conferences, the first I attended in 2006 was back in the days when Turnitin was still administered locally in the UK by an offshoot of JISC, the JISC Plagiarism Detection Service (I have to admit I still call Turnitin the JISC PDS in my weaker moments). Having successfully become entirely independent from JISC, TurnitinUK is now managed by nLearning Ltd, who set up plagiarismadvice.org and now run the International Plagiarism Conference.

I’m presenting on Wednesday and I’m looking forward to the UK Turnitin user group meeting later today which includes a presentation about ‘translated and paraphrased plagiarism’ by Christian Storm (iParadigms – parent company of Turnitin), sad plagiarism geek that I am 😉


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