Mind the map


Mindmeister mind map


I have surprised myself by how much I’ve re-used a mind map I created to write a review of electronic detection of plagiarism systems last November. I blogged about how useful I’d found mindmeister for this process, but I am still surprised at how often I’ve gond back to the original mindmap after I’d used it to plan the review.I presented a workshop related to the review last month and I’m giving it another airing this month at the 4th International Plagiarism Conference. The mindmap has the been the one resource I’ve gone back to time and again to think about how to represent the findings of the review to new audiences. It quickly allows me to find evidence I want, refer back to the original papers as necessary and decide which evidence would be of most interest to the current audience. 

Perhaps I am a mindmap kinda girl after all. Oh dear.


2 thoughts on “Mind the map”

  1. Mind maps, eh! It’s certainly proving useful for this kind of thing. Can you add links to the papers in Mindmeister? That would be a handy feature I would have thought

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