Help with Blackboard 9

Blackboard 9 course

Although we are still awaiting an official announcement, it is widely accepted that we will be upgrading from Blackboard 7.3 to Blackboard 9.0 this summer (geek note: we are Blackboard ‘original’ flavour, not ex-WebCT). As the front line support for our staff using Blackboard in the School of Biological Sciences I am of course spending time looking at the test server installation. I need to see how our courses look in the new format and try to work out what support our staff might need. I’m going to blog about any problems I have for two reasons: firstly, I can’t remember anything these days unless I write it down and secondly, I live in hope that someone will point out the error of my ways and propose a solution to my problems.

It occurs to me that if I only blog the problems the outside impression will be that I am moaning about Blackboard 9, I don’t really want to come across that way, but I think it is the quickest way for me to get help and I hope that my readers will bear in mind that I am just trying to crowdsource the best help I can to provide the best service I can to our staff. So, with that in mind:

1. List all Users and finding all students (solved)

I suspect I will spend a lot of time asking where the button or menu item for such and such has gone from the version I’ve grown to love and hate over the last 5 years. here is the first one:

We do manual enrolments (or batch upload but there is still a live person involved). It is therefore really helpful to be able to quickly list the number of students enrolled on the course. This used to be simple, go to the gradebook and look at the number of the bottom of the page (e.g. ‘104 users’ displayed). The gradecentre is very swish and userfriendly, however there is no equivalent total listing of students. I can list ALL users (in a weird workaround where I have to list all users ’email’ ‘not blank’) but this list isn’t sortable by role. Equally this means I can’t quickly see how many staff are on the course, which I used to be able to do with a building block for ‘list all users’.

Update 14.05.10 : Alan found the solution:

Tools (not listed under course tools on the control panel, but under the tools on the menu item) lets you list all the ‘users’ which equates to students. This has a total number at the bottom.


One problem solved, onto the next!


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