Second #ESTICT event on voting

We are pleased to announce the second ESTICT event to be held in Edinburgh on Thursday 29th April 2010. The venue for the event is the centrally-located eScience Institute (NESC) at the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Jim Boyle from the University of Strathclyde is presenting a keynote with the intriguing title ‘Truth, Lies and Voting Systems’ and we have invited a number of speakers to talk on a wide variety of topics relating to Electronic Voting Systems and their innovative use. A voting question design workshop will investigate writing EVS questions for different pedagogic purposes.

The agenda for the event

9.15 Registration and coffee
9.45 Welcome and Introduction
10.00 Keynote: Prof. Jim Boyle, University of Strathclyde. ‘Truth, Lies and Voting Systems’
10:45 Coffee
11.15 Scaling up EVS – Some approaches, pitfalls and solutions
11:45 Short Presentations
  • Nick Bowskill (Glasgow) – ‘Shared Thinking as Group-Oriented Generative Learning’
  • Martin Hawksey (JISC RSC Scotland NE) – ‘TWEVS – Twitter EVS’
  • Carol Withey (Greenwich) – ‘PollEverywhere‘ (Voting by texting SMS)
  • Marina Sawdon (Durham) – ‘Promoting long-term knowledge retention by use of Keepad Audience response system’
12.45   Lunch
13.45   Workshop: Writing EVS Questions for Different Pedagogic Purposes
14.45  Coffee
15:15   Workshop group reports & Summary/Discussion: Where next? Repositories? ESTICT’s role?
15.45 Review, Feedback & Close – including your feedback and ideas for the next event in Bath

Registering for the event
Please register online at the eScience Institute’s website via:

Travel, Accommodation and Maps
It is easy to get to Edinburgh by train, by flying and by car. There is some information on this available from the registration page above. The event organisers at the eScience Institute can also personally help you find accommodation should you want to stay overnight. In addition, we have created a Google Map showing the venue location, train station, route to venue and various local places of interest, cafes, etc:


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