5 comments on “Too much fuzz with buzz ?

  1. I agree with you about the fuzz and how to manage this across the different types of networks we have. I’m a bit underwhelmed by all the ‘buzz’ about Google Buzz, probably because I don’t use gmail as my main email account so my network isn’t based there. I don’t particularly want to move my email to gmail either. It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks after a few weeks of using it.

  2. The thing about distinct identities is a problem – I use various social media sites for different purposes – work, family, friends – and with different behaviour in different areas. I have school teacher friends who have to be incredibly careful about what is visible, how they interact with current and former pupils, and so on. I don’t want everything from Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, RSS readers and email to be aggregated into one steaming pile, I like keeping these things separate both for conceptual and social reasons. I don’t take my mother out drinking, I don’t discuss family matters with work colleagues, and I don’t want people whose photos of wildlife I follow on Flickr to necessarily know what I do for a living. I was somewhat taken aback to find that I had to create a public-searchable profile on Google to comment on your buzz post – I use gmail for personal email, and Google Reader for following RSS feeds, but I think of these as stand-alone tools, not as part of my “Google persona”.

    My recollection of twitter in the early days was that it was very much about mobile phones, a large group of us early-adopted from elsewhere and it faded away rapidly for those of us who don’t habitually send text messages (I sent 43 tweets in 2007, 6 in 2008). Things changed when there were alternatives to the web and SMS (and for me, when I bought an iPod touch).

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