3 comments on “Can you help me crowd source a solution?

  1. I can’t think of a Web 2.0 solution that doesn’t require a bit of hacking. However bizarrely Plone might work see http://bit.ly/6LUdsF as a quick example (you’ll need to login – hopefully I’ve given you the right CFS permissions – if not email me).

    The plone form has a form save data adapter which saves the data in to CSV format that you can later import in to access/excel.

    • Not exactly what you’re asking for, but given that they only have to enter five three-digit numbers and it’s an important decision, is there any need to give them feedback to confirm that the five they have selected correspond to the titles they have selected? (I know what students are like, but sometimes “it’s your own stupid fault for entering the wrong number” is an appropriate response).

      I can think of ways of doing this with JavaScript, but that would involve development time (I’d give it a bash myself if it wasn’t years since I wrote any serious JS – you could have an array with the project titles, and then when a number is entered in the text field change the contents of a paragraph to the appropriate element of the array).

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