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  1. Hi Jo.
    I saw you at the conference but didn’t have the opportunity to talk to you. Thanks for recording this in detail it has jogged my memory a bit. One of the main issues I picked up from the panel was there total lack of confidence in Blackboard’s ability to ship a stable version/patch in the near future. These on the whole are some of their most experienced users and clients.
    (Ncl Uni)

    • Thanks Ashley. I agree the worrying part was the instability of the product, normally these guys get it sorted for the rest of us!

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  3. I increasingly feel that the one size fits all approach with VLE just doesn’t work. What I want out of a VLE is not what other specialities want – what I want is to be able to control the content that is up there far more closely, and allow access to all users, continuously, and, critically, not take away access once they graduate. Life long learning: isn’t it? Jumpers for goalposts? Hmmm? Gone rogue.

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