Web 2 experiences at Leicester #cfbweb2

Doing a double act again, I presented our thoughts on how we have progressively used web 2 at Leicester during the HEA Centre for Bioscience event. For me, this was a whiz through how my PLE had changed over the last (almost) 2 years (from Jan 08 to today).

Alan made a wordle to represent his PLE and would probably have talked about communication and filtering if he had been there to say something.

Stuart Johnson asked me a really good question about whether my complicated diagrams of all the tools I use would put some people off from ever starting the move into web 2. I think that it probably would have put me off at first, but I hoped that people could recognise some tools they are perhaps already using and that they probably use them in a more connected way than they think.


2 thoughts on “Web 2 experiences at Leicester #cfbweb2”

  1. That’s exactly what I would have said 🙂

    Stuart’s point is a good one, which is why we get students to mindmap their PLEs after they have had several month experience of using the tools, not before.

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