PLE evolution part 4

What started as an exercise to show students what a personal learning environment was has turned into a way of me tracking how I interact with people and information online. I’ve commented on the evolution of my PLE before but I thought it would be worth expanding on it for a meeting we have coming up next week.

This is how my PLE has evolved over the last two years.

PLE in Jan 2008
PLE in Jan 2008

then twitter came long and changed everything, by July 2008, twitter crept in

PLE in July 2008
PLE in July 2008

 Then by the end of 2008, twitter was becoming more central to everything I was doing.

PLE in December 2008
PLE in December 2008

Flock was one of the main ways I kept track of lots of sites and services, but I stopped using it earlier this year when it stopped auto-updating and broke horribly. Looking at my PLE today (december 2009) I think it has become more refined and is beginning to reflect the different audiences I communicate with online. Facebook is isolated in this diagram as I took a decision over the summer to keep this for friends and family, with only a few work colleagues in my friends list. Just as I have a twitter community and a friendfeed community, facebook has developed as a third space.

The other main difference which has influenced my PLE this year, is the use of an iPod Touch. With wifi at home and work, mobile apps for twitter, modile access to friendfeed and services like evernote have changed and probably extended the way that I interact with these services.

PLE in December 2009
PLE in December 2009

4 thoughts on “PLE evolution part 4”

  1. As Peter Miller pointed out on the dreaded Twitter, Posterous oversight?

    If I was going to analyze the change over the years, I might suggest a movement from content to communication – ?

  2. I haven’t included posterous, because although I posted the latest version of my PLE there, I don’t feel that I really use it very well at all. It is a convenient dumping ground to quickly transform images/ video to online formats.

    A movemebt from content to communication is definitely there, probably fuelled by the mobile device plus a maturation of the networks I’m involved in.

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